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Tania is the founder and editor-in-chief of "The Hudsucker".

The Hudsucker, which made its debut in June 2012, is a blogzine that has been set up primarily to unlock each aspiring writer's true potential by allowing them to share their writing creativity and experiences through the art of word. She has been writing here at Newsvine since 2008. It has given her the humbling opportunity to express and work with her passions for causes like, co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, and the UN Foundation. In addition, Tania has interviewed many, including Ben Lyons, reporter for Extra TV, Jim Beaver of Deadwood, Supernatural, and Justified fame as well as Drew and Jonathan Scott of HGTV's Property Brothers, just to name a few.

With her passion for writing on social issues and contemporary events, Tania is constantly looking for other topics of interest to write about as well. She has completed a manuscript and is searching for a book agent to publish her work. In her spare time, she has a great passion for films of all kinds and considers herself a TCM aficionado. She loves watching baseball and football, traveling by road across the United States, meeting new people, eating soft and hard cheeses, and making pancakes.

She is an active member of Scribophile, an online writing group for serious writers, and The Canadian Authors Association, a national organization dedicated to promoting a flourishing community of writers across Canada. She is a self-employed blogger and freelance writer. Also, she can excessively talk your ear off! Tania resides in Toronto, Canada.

Be sure to follow Tania over on Twitter @westlifebunny.

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